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Q: I am in my 30's/40's/50's...... Can I do/resume cycling?
A: Age is just a number. Cycling is considered a low impact exercise. So regardless of your age, you can start/re-start cycling if you do not have any obvious physical limitations. However people above 40 years of age are advised to consult their physician first as a precaution. Everybody needs to take care that the bicycle is of correct size and fit for your body.

Q: How can I learn to ride a bicycle?
A: You can refer to this Wikihow Article. There are also many videos available on YouTube when you search for "how to ride a bicycle".

Q: Where should I go if I want to join a group for cycling with them in Pakistan?
A: Refer to the blog post Major Cycling Groups in Pakistan

Q: Is it safe to cycle on main roads in Pakistan?
A: You must have seen people going about their business on Sohrab bicycle, so can you. The usual risks while driving/riding on main roads remain there. You do need to be careful about how you ride and take the required safety precautions like:
  • Always wear a helmet.
  • Observe traffic rules ... yes Cyclist need to stop at the traffic signal.
  • Always use hand signals well before turning and stopping.
  • Never use headphones/earphones while riding on main roads. If you must, then at least keep the traffic side ear open so that you can hear traffic sounds (e.g. horn from the car behind you asking to pass).
Q: Is it safe for a female cyclist to ride alone on the main roads?
A: Unfortunately no. Female cyclists riding alone usually face mischief from passing traffic so we do not recommend lone riding for females. Either group together with a few more ladies or team up with a male rider.

Q: Where can I find new/used bicycles in Pakistan?
A: Refer to this blog post Bicycle Sizing & Shops in Pakistan.

Q: Why do I feel pain in my back/knee/wrist etc. while riding my bicycle?
A:  Your bicycle may not be fit for you. Check our post on Basic Bike Fit.

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