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Ride tracking: Smartphones Apps

Every cyclists encounters a few questions soon after getting started.  For example: How can I keep track of how much [distance/time] am I riding? Where did I ride last month on the weekend? How much calories am I burning during my morning hour long rides? How much have I improved [gotten faster] since last month? All these questions are answered by ride tracking.  Although both software and hardware methods are available for tracking rides / fitness / training progress, smartphone apps offer a quick and ready to go software solution since almost every one owns a smartphone. There are a lot of smartphone GPS apps available for both Android and IOS devices but Endomondo and Strava dominate the market in Pakistan. Basic usage is free of charge and there are in-app purchases available for advance options. A drawing made by following a pre-planned route and tracking it with the GPS app Here is a basic overview of both these apps to get you started. Strava: Strava is by