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Recommended Items to carry on a ride

There is a lot of stuff that cyclist ride around with but we are going to discuss the bare necessities in this article.  These few, basic things that you need to carry on the ride depends mainly on weather, distance & duration for which you are planning to ride. Water : The amount of water that you need to carry depends on weather and your sweating tendency. A bicycle frame has fitting space for 2 bottle cages but there are bottle mounts available for handlebars and saddles as well. You can put a couple of bottles in your cycling jersey back pockets too. However, it is better to carry a hydration bag in case if you need to carry 2 litres or more water instead of juggling 3 or 4 bottles. In moderately hot weather (29~31 degree Celcius for Pakistan), an average person needs to hydrate at the rate of 1 litre per hour of riding.  This should be adjusted upward or downwards depending on the weather severity and sweat rate. Plan to carry and/or take refill stops for your water bottl