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Common Beginner Cyclist Mistakes

We have all been there in the beginning, made a silly mistake or did not do something really simple needed, ending up with the same result, an abandoned ride or, in the worst case, an injury.  So let us take a look at the common mistakes that new cyclists need to look out for & try to avoid when starting out. Ride with Incorrect Saddle Height This is by far the most common beginner's mistake. Due to fear of falling, new cyclists generally set the saddle height too low to be able to put both feet flat on the ground. While this gives us a sense of security, it also puts extra strain on the knees which eventually results in painful knees. Continuing to ride like this will cause knee injury. Refer to our earlier post on Basic Bike Fitting to know how to properly set up your saddle. Pushing Hard Gears / Not Using Gears at all Bicycles today generally come with multiple gears to help the rider cope with elevation/terrain changes while maintaining comfortable pedaling pac