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Basic Bike Fitting For Newbies

"Bike Fitting" is something every cyclist should be familiar with. This term is often mistaken for Bike Sizing by newcomers to the sport. So in this post, we shall try to clarify the concept and help the reader perform a basic bike fit to get them started. Bike Sizing Bike Sizing is, in essence, the selection of the "correct size" of the bicycle according to the height of the rider. Physical aspects under consideration include mainly rider height and leg-length (also called inseam clearance or stand-over height) however, for advance level training for road cycling/time trials/triathlons, etc., arm length is also factored in. Bike Sizing is the first stepping stone in achieving a correct Bike Fit. Generally speaking, you cannot have a proper bike fit with an inappropriately sized bicycle. Bike Fitting Bike Fitting is the science of adjusting the adjustable parts of the bicycle for comfortable and pain free riding.  This process involves a series of adjustments