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Basic Bicycle Maintenance

Basic Bicycle Maintenance is necessary to prolong the lifespan of your bicycle. With just a little bit of care, these simple machines will give you months and years of riding pleasure. We recommend that you carry out the following basic maintenance tasks regularly Clean your bicycle after every ride with a clean & dry rag.  Microfiber cloth is the best for this purpose.  However baby wipes are also a safe & inexpensive item to quickly clean your bicycle without giving it a full wash down. If not the whole bicycle, at least the chain must be wiped...specially if you use oil to lubricate it as it attracts gunk & sand during ride which gets stuck to the chain and causes a black, messy stain wherever it touches. Hold the chain using a rag and run the pedals in reverse to wipe the chain.  Again, baby wipes can be used here for a deeper clean than just a dry rag. De-grease & lubricate the chain after every 300 km in wet riding conditions and 500 km in dry ri